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Career Options after Class 12 Arts

The Arts is all about creativity and design. Gone are the days where students had only one option – the Bachelor in Arts degree. Today, students know where their passions belong and they have the determination to accomplish their dreams.

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Here is a list of some career options which are in demand.

Business Management

If you like dealing with numbers and you think you can make a good career of it, then Management is something you should seek. These days, many Arts students look up for many managerial profiles in the private and public sector. So to get into Management, all you need is an MBA degree in General Management, Public Relations, Marketing or HR after completing your Bachelor’s degree.


If you have good sense of style and fashion, then a career in Fashion Designing will be suitable. In addition, excellent drawing skills and an interest in reviewing the latest fashion trends will be beneficial in shaping your career. NIFT is one of the best fashion schools in India which offers graduate and postgraduate courses in Fashion Designing, Fashion Technology and many other related options. For admission to NIFT, you need 50% in your graduate degree and have to clear the NIFT entrance exam with the desired cutoff.    


Writing is an art. If you think you have that flair for writing, then Journalism will be the most appropriate option. Journalism is not just about writing, you can also become an editor, reporter or anchor. For getting into a media firm, you can pursue a graduation course in mass media. After completing your graduation studies, you can go for a professional degree course in Journalism or a certificate programme in Public Relations and Internet Communications.


If you have good communication skills and love to read people’s minds, then a course in Psychology is apt for you. All you need to do is take Psychology as your main subject during your graduation studies and then go for a professional certification in Psychological Counselling. After this, you can seek training by working with a professional who helps people deal with their psychological issues, which could be related to career, education and relationships.


Teaching in any field of study is a noble profession, especially if you know how to pass on the knowledge. To become a teacher, you will first have to select a subject in which you would like to specialise. Then pursue a postgraduate degree in your favourite subject. However, to become a lecturer in a College or at the University, you will need a PhD degree.


Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings. The course structure revolves around the study of design, culture, science, technology and history. It is a highly competitive academic course, so if you are set to face the challenges coming along, then this is the best career option as it gives you the liberty to design the world with your pencil. To get started, pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture from an architecture school. You could enjoy practical training by working as an intern in any architectural firm.


Photography requires great passion and patience. A person who loves exploring the world through a camera lens can easily become a photographer. However, the life isn’t easy as you need a lot of patience and determination to get that perfect shot. There are numerous courses available in photography. You can also go for a master’s degree to enhance your photography skills. To gain practical knowledge, opt for an internship to work with a professional photographer.

Interior Designing

Interior designing is a great career for people who love decorating houses. If you think you love designing and have the ability to design any house and restaurant, then you can easily become an interior designer. As an interior designer, you will be trained to design exclusive furniture artefacts and to deal with clients or contractors with special managerial skills. For this career, practical knowledge is more effective than theoretical education. So even after pursuing a professional degree course in interior designing, it is better you take up an internship to work with a professional.


If you have an interest in graphic designing and visual effects, then a career in animation is the right option for you. The field of animation is growing massively and many students are looking up to shape their career in this field. There is no particular bachelor degree in animation, so you will have to pursue a certificate programme in animation after or along with your graduation studies.  


Law is one of the favourite career options of many Arts students. Because of the ever-changing economy and social circumstances of India, the demand for lawyers is not going to reduce. Pursue an LLB degree after Class 12 from a reputed law university, and you can gain a job in a private or government company as a legal advisor.

Clear your mind and get rid of all the myths you have about your career plan. Take a close look at what skills you have and where your interest lay. And then just follow your heart. Everything will fall in place as you move ahead with determination and passion to achieve something.

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