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Benefits of OTBA for CBSE Class 11 Students


Benefits of OTBA for CBSE Class 11 Students

CBSE has introduced an exam called Open Test-Based Assessment (OTBA) for Class 11.

By Admin 02nd Sep, 2015 01:33 pm

CBSE has taken one more initiative for Class 11 to bring about a change which will work for the benefit of students. Now to incorporate analytical and theoretical skills among students, CBSE has introduced an exam called Open Test-Based Assessment (OTBA) for Class 11. The main objective of this exam is to test the knowledge of students based on their memory and how skilfully they can use their memory.

According to the OTBA format, students will get to solve a portion of their exam paper with an open test and will be allowed to refer to the text from time to time to solve the paper. Through this format, slow learners are expected to benefit a lot.

Let’s look at how useful OTBA will be for Class 11 students

1. OTBA is surely different from that of the learning and writing exam format which usually builds stress among students. Even though the OTBA exam is of 10 marks, students will experience a kind of change which will motivate them to study more.

2. OTBA will give students an opportunity to think innovatively. The exam is based on comprehensive assessment wherein students will have to give out-of-the-box solutions to problems using the readily available information.

3. Learning the syllabus to get good grades in the exam is one part; learning to utilise the same information in a way to retain is the other. OTBA is based on the same format – you will have to imply the same theoretical information studied into some practical-based situation and come up with an accurate explanation. This exam will not only make students think but also help them gain information in a manner which will stay with them even after the exam is over.

4. Through OTBA, the critical and analytical skills of students will develop. These skills will enable students to analyse questions, interpret and work around complex concepts and theories which will help them to learn.

5. With the inclusion of OTBA in Geography, Biology and Economics for Class 11, the marking system and the assessment format will also be different. So, students will need to prepare themselves to face any challenges coming their way.

OTBA is surely going to benefit students who have a habit of mugging up answers but cannot process the same information in different scenarios. Although OTBA is only limited to three subjects for Class 11, students will at least get an idea of summative assessment and how exactly it will benefit their academics.

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Tejal Mistry

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