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Beat the Exam Stress

It is that time of the year which you despise the most being a student. Your school exams are staring at your face and the weight on your shoulders is much heavier than the school bags you carry. You are carrying not only your own expectations but also those of your parents, tutors, teachers and friends who all expect you to either top the class or at least pass!





The feeling--so much to do yet so little done--slowly seeps in. Not everyone manages to give in equal hours of study on all days in a year for every subject and not feel the pressure during the exam season. Things like spending time with friends or whiling out are a common occurrence throughout the year despite the heavy coursework. So when it comes to the most dreaded exams the stress manifolds.


Below are a few pointers of how to cope with the mounting study pressures. These won’t make you pass your exams with flying colors, but yes, they can give you strength during those crucial hours. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with stress, but in case you are absolutely clueless, these will help you find a way out when you feel cornered.


Deep Breathing- Breathing is our life force. If breathing stops, everything else ceases to exist. Yet how many of us are aware or value our breathing—it is so common right? Take up 10 to 20 seconds of your day, close your eyes --value and focus on your breath. Just inhale and exhale.


 While inhaling, think of how lucky you are to have been born with so many things that a lot of kids your age are not entitled to in this world. With each inhalation, value your life and your uniqueness. Feel your body and mind expanding while inhaling. Exhale all negativities and nagging thoughts that worry you and experience yourself feeling lighter. Do it 10 times a day and see the difference it brings to your life.


Regular Intervals- Don’t stress yourself too much and over burden yourself. Take regular intervals or breaks in between. Talk with people who make you happy or watch a movie or stand-up comedy (keeping that smile intact is always helpful) which you like a lot or listen to music which soothes and calms your nerves. Draw a line and don’t overstretch your breaks.


Vent out your frustrations- You can get frustrated or lose your temper or calm at this point. Rather than wasting your energy vent your frustration maybe on a piece of paper. Sketch or write something if you like writing or maybe punch your pillow

Drink loads of water- If you want to beat exam stress, try this: drink a glass of water.

Sound too easy? The link between water and stress reduction is well documented. All of our organs, including our brain, need water to function properly. If you’re dehydrated, your body isn’t running well -- and that can lead to stress.


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-Sayan Ganguly

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