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Application and Admission Process SAT's (Part 2)

Students from all over the world seek admission to Undergraduate or Bachelor courses in the USA and Canada. SAT is important as many universities evaluate candidates on their SAT scores. So, before you start preparing for your SAT, you need to learn about the most important part—Registration.

There are two different ways to register for SAT in India.
You can either register by mail or register online.

SAT Registration
Registration may seem like one of the easiest parts when it comes to SAT, but signing up is a harder task than you think because even the smallest registration mistakes can cost you dearly. So, try to avoid registration mistakes and make sure all the information you provide is accurate and true.

Online Registration
1) First, visit the Official College Board website and select the SAT tab and click on register now.

2) Second, create a student profile right here 

3) You also need to update your personal information.

4) You can then go ahead and select the test along with the date and the test centre.
(Tip:  Choosing a test centre closer to home is not allowed. Sunday testing is prohibited too.)

5) An immediate confirmation is provided after the registration.

6) You can pay the fees through online fund transfer or through your credit/debit card.

7) You need to register about 3–4 weeks before a test date to avoid registration deadlines.

8) Late registration deadlines are usually 2–3 weeks before a test date, so a late registration fee is required to be paid.

Registration by Mail
1) You first need to pick up “The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests” available at schools.

2) The registration guide includes a form along with a return envelope. All you need to do is fill up the form and send it along with a Demand Draft.

3 )The United States–India Educational Foundation (USIEF) is the local representative of SAT in India. So mailed forms are directed to their regional centre.

Admission Process
After shortlisting the colleges in US, students applying to undergraduate or scholarship courses must submit their application directly to individual colleges.

You can make use of Common Application,, an admission application which has more than 600 colleges and can help you as member colleges or universities use the same application as the core.

Later, you need to keep in mind that each university has its own deadlines, admission and fee requirements. 

It is important to keep in mind the audience when drafting your application because academic departments are usually responsible for admission decisions.

Requirements common to most institutions and colleges in the US:
1) Electronic application (It usually seeks personal information about the candidate)
2) Test scores (SAT, TOEFL and AP)
3) Application essays (The NEW SAT has made essays optional, so the requirement of it is up to the universities.)
4) Recommendation letters of teachers and the principal
5) Required application fee
6) Interviews – Optional (may be required by some institutions)

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