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All-time Favourite Teacher


All-time Favourite Teacher"Student Movies

Few inspirational movies celebrating the teacher-student relationship

By Admin 03rd Sep, 2014 12:56 pm

A classroom is incomplete without a teacher, so are our growing-up years. A teacher is like a sculptor who finely tunes and embellishes all our imperfections to make us fit for the world we are about to step in after our school lives.

No virtual classroom or other technological advancement can replace the role of a teacher. Here is a list of all-time favourite movies which celebrate the teacher–student relationship.



Dead Poets Society: Mr John Keating (Robin Williams) is an English teacher in a conservative and aristocratic school in the US. He asks his students to ‘dare to find a new path, dare to strike out and find a new ground’ while laying impetus on words and ideas carrying the power to change the world. He not only made poetry fun for his class of students but also helped them to dream and to live it.




Goodwill Hunting: The 20-year-old self-taught genius Will Hunting (Matt Damon) can solve any complex mathematical problem with ease. However, he is unable to solve his own complex nature and come to terms with a troubled past. When world-class psychologists and teachers take up his case, they are left tormented.


When all have given up on the boy, a psychology teacher in a community college takes up his case. Dr Sean Maguire (Sean Williams) soon transforms from the role of an alien teacher to Will’s confidante. In turn, he helps Will unravel the teachings of life and makes him into a changed man.



Taare Zameen Par: The story is of an 8-year-old dyslexic kid, Ishan Awasthi (Darsheel Zafary), who cannot come to terms with the world around him. His parents, teachers or even his friends don’t help his cause. It’s only Ishan’s art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan), who finally sees what is going wrong with Ishan. He identifies the boy’s strengths and weaknesses and hones Ishan’s creativity skills. Nikumbh does the apparently impossible by teaching Ishan to use his imagination.




Stand and Deliver: Teachers in James A. Garfield High School in Los Angeles have pretty low expectations from their students who come from violent and low-income neighbourhoods in the city. In walks Jaime Escalante as a Maths teacher to these kids. Soon he realises the potential in his kids and sets a goal of teaching them Calculus by their senior year.


This decision gets ridiculed by the rest of the faculty who doesn’t believe any good can happen. Here starts the story of how the teacher takes up the impossible and motivates his kids to achieve success despite a lot of hick-ups. By the way, this movie is based on a true story.


-Sayan Ganguly

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