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Advertorial: Technothlon - Making Students Fall in Love with Exams

Yet another exam? Something to slog for? Who in their right minds would pay Rs. 50 to get 19th July, another Sunday of theirs eaten away by a question paper? Also the task of getting a friend of yours to partner you. Huh! Not a pretty affair.

"It's not your regular school exam." says Revanth, an ex-participant of the event. "It is pure fun. Knowing that there's no preparation to do, there's no build up to the exam. All you have to do is rack your brains and enjoy what we all love to do - solve some puzzles. Which exam gives an opportunity to discuss with another person? It's a whole new experience."

Yes. Technothlon has no syllabus or material to prepare from. It's left to your grey matter. Conducted by the students of IIT Guwahati as part of Techniche, the techno-management festival of the institute, the event owes it immense success thorough 11 editions to the unique questions in the preliminary round which aim to spark the students to think out of the box and show them a new world of geekiness.

VasaviMadhurima, who has overseen the team of IITians who have made the mind boggling questions for Technothlon 2015 tells us "The question paper is challenging and tough. What we have actually attempted to do is expand the bubble of creativity to engulf the participants."






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A mind boggling prelims is not all Technothlon has to offer to students. Beyond the participation e-certificates and silver ones to the top 250 teams, lies the real attraction: an invitation to IIT Guwahati during Techniche, A window to the world of technological innovations and a race to final prizes worth 2 lakhs in what is called the Mains.

The mains isn't monotonous either. Focused on learning to implement, the students go through training of basic robotics, hydraulics, the online world, crime scene investigation, electronics etc to face challenges to implement what they've been taught. The picture below speak better for themselves:




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