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A move towards a healthier India: UGC bans junk food from universities

Looks like universities across the country will no longer serve dishes like frankies, pizzas and burgers, etc. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has asked all Indian universities to take junk food off their menus. In order to make students aware of the health benefits of what they are eating, canteens will now also have to provide information of the calorie content of the items served. Also, a strict watch will be kept over the hygiene factor in college canteens.

“Universities can serve as important data sources on student’s health. Information on markers like Body Mass Index (BMl)/percentage of body weight, waist-and-hip ratio etc can help in creating awareness among students towards their health,” the UGC notice stated.

The UGC has also suggested the conduction of orientation programmes for faculty and staff on health issues. The notice further stated, “Wellness clusters should be created under the students welfare department where counselling should be done regarding proper nutrition, proper exercise and healthy habits. These wellness clusters can also provide psychological support to the students to prevent and reduce the incidence of obesity in young students.”

Interestingly, a week after the notice, colleges have barely made any change in their canteens. Canteen menus remained untouched with very few or no changes.

The Universities have also been told to circulate the instructions to all affiliated colleges.

What do you think about the junk food ban? Do leave your replies in the comment box below. 

You can also take our poll.

What kind of food is served in your school/college canteen?

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