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6 Great Public Speaking Tips to Help You Shine


6 Great Public Speaking Tips to Help You Shine

Public speaking is one of the most common fears among students.

By Admin 26th Oct, 2015 12:20 pm

Public speaking is one of the most common fears among students. However, it is one of the greatest skills to learn not just for school and college but also for your career and life. So, start working on your fear with the help of these tips.

Learn from the experts

Watch and learn from some good speakers. Take time out to watch other speakers and observe their style. It is one of the best sources of inspiration; you will come across various well-known speakers who are perfect examples of leadership. However, more importantly, after observing and learning from various speakers, work hard on developing your own style.

Be simple and straight

The best presentation is one which is simple and easy to understand. Don’t strive hard to impress people that you forget what your speech was all about. Use simple language and make sure that your information is concise and interesting. Talk more about things you know because that will make you look more confident and will give you power to sustain your own speech.


Before speaking about any topic, do enough research to know about it. Then start by learning more about the subject. Educate yourself well enough so that you can talk diligently about the topic with facts and examples. A good speaker is one who does his homework and never misses on the important facts.


Do a rehearsal of your presentation with your family or friends. They will most likely point out the mistakes where you are being unclear or vague. Their feedback will definitely bring some required changes in your speech. Rehearse your speech well enough that you can say it without reading any notes.

Avoid space-filling words

Avoid using colloquial terms such as ‘um’, ‘like’, ‘you know’ and ‘well’. Try to remain silent when you feel the urge of using them. It is okay to use them while talking with friends or family but is not okay in formal speech. Do not be scared to add some silence in your speech; in fact, the audience will wait for you. It will also keep them engaged with the topic.

Good conclusion

A conclusion is the last thing the audience takes along with them. Always make sure you end the speech on a satisfying note. Do not leave the audience confused. This will surely make your whole effort futile. So plan your finish with an appropriate message or a punch line.

There is reason why people say, “Practice makes a man perfect!” You simply cannot expect to become a pro in public speaking overnight. So push yourself to speak in public. The more you speak in front of others the better and confident you will become. 

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Tejal Mistry

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