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5 Reasons Why NCERT Solutions are Ideal for Entrance Exam Preparation

Students aspiring to be engineers or doctors start preparing for the entrance exams from Class 10 and are always on the lookout for more comprehensive study materials. There are multiple books and many authors write books to guide aspirants through the entrance exam preparation process. While such books help you stay focused and determined about your goal, it is also important to study from the school-recommended books. These are the NCERT textbooks meant for students from Class 9 to 12.

NCERT books are prescribed by CBSE and follow the curriculum closely. TopperLearning provides NCERT solutions along with study resources. The answers are comprehensive and detailed, and students can cover every chapter through the textbook exercises. While NCERT solutions are especially helpful during study and revision for the board exams, the concepts explained in the solutions come in handy when preparing for the entrance exams too. Here’s a list of the benefits of NCERT books and NCERT solutions for national level competitive exams.

1.       NCERT books cover the syllabus completely

NCERT books can be completely relied upon as they are detailed and tend to cover the entire chapter. Entrance exams usually have a vast syllabus, and NCERT solutions come in handy as they cover maximum chapters of the syllabus and students don’t have to refer to other books.

2.       NCERT books follow the CBSE curriculum and the entrance exam syllabus

Since most entrance exams follow the CBSE syllabus, CBSE students are already at an advantage as they have studied the topics before. NCERT solutions too follow the CBSE curriculum and help students immensely with preparation through the questions and their answers. So, when you follow both NCERT textbooks and NCERT solutions, you are doubling your chances of doing well.

3.       NCERT books provide detailed explanations of the chapter

Apart from providing detailed answers to the textbook exercise questions, NCERT solutions are great for learning and understanding concepts. The comprehensive answers cover the entire chapter and provide answers to even complex questions in the most simplified manner.

4.       NCERT books provide simple explanations for all important topics

Since these books are for students from Class 9 to Class 12, the language used is simple. Even if the explanation is elaborate, it is put forward in a simplified manner. Complex topics from Maths and Science are easy to learn with both NCERT books and NCERT solutions.

5.       Entrance exams often have questions similar to questions in NCERT books

As the curriculum for CBSE and NCERT is similar, students often find that the questions in the exam are similar to the ones in the books. So, studying from NCERT books for CBSE Class 11 and Class 12 helps you understand the concepts better and thus do well in the entrance exams.


If you’re looking for NCERT solutions for major entrance exams like JEE and NEET, visit TopperLearning and find all the study and prep resources there. You can also follow the links below to get started!

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