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5 Christmas Movies You Must Watch


5 Christmas Movies You Must Watch

Enjoy your Christmas with these fun movies!

By Admin 17th Dec, 2014 06:11 pm

Christmas is around the corner and the holiday season has officially begun. A sense of joy and festivity is all around, and it’s a great time to be with your loved ones. While there are loads planned for this special time, it might be a good idea to huddle in a warm cosy room and watch some great Christmas movies together. To save you the trouble of going through the task of choosing the right movies, we have handpicked five awesome movies which will get you in the Christmas spirit.


1. Home Alone: What better way to start this season than by watching Home Alone? Kevin and his large and crazy family will get you into the Christmas mood. The McCallister family decides to go to Paris for Christmas. In the rush of things, they leave Kevin behind. The protagonist 8-year-old Kevin is the youngest of the family. The movie revolves around how he spends Christmas all alone, braving burglars and other perilous situations in a smart and witty way. While on his own, he also learns a lot about life through the many wonderful people he encounters. Home Alone is by far the best Christmas movie, which must just not be missed.




2. The Polar Express: It’s a magical tale about a little boy who comes to truly believe what Christmas is all about and its enchanting wonders. Watch the movie, accompany the actors and enjoy a thrilling ride on a train to a world of Santa Claus and elves.


3. A Christmas Carol: I am sure all of us know party poopers who love to dampen everyone’s spirits. Well, believe it or not, the protagonist of this movie is just like that. Scrooge is a grumpy old moneylender who doesn’t believe in Christmas and its merry making. The movie is about how his heart is changed by three Christmas spirits who show him what his life would be if he continued as he was. This animated movie adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel starring Jim Carrey is a must-watch during Christmas.




4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas: This movie is based on a book by Dr. Seuss. It is one of the most popular children’s Christmas tales ever written. Grinch is a nasty character whose heart is said is to be ‘two sizes small’ and whose main purpose is to ruin Christmas for the Whos. He lives in a cave on the top of the mountain with his only companion, his dog Max, who is neglected but still loyal. Grinch steals all the presents from the Whos hoping they would be crestfallen but is astonished to find that they still enjoy Christmas. He then realises that Christmas is more than gifts. Watch Jim Carrey’s earnest performance in this endearing story.





5. Elf: This is a Christmas comedy about Santa’s special elf. The elf is on a mission to find his father and encounters many adventures on the way. Watch the movie to see what the elf world is like and how the spirit of Christmas is critical for Santa’s existence.

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