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22 important things to keep in mind before an exam


22 important things to keep in mind before an exam

Follow this list to do well in your exams

By Admin 01st Mar, 2018 05:19 pm

Here are some important things students need to note before the exams.

  1. Sleep on time and get 7–8 hours of sleep to stay fresh
  2. Wear a watch to keep track of time
  3. Carry your own stationery
  4. Use either a black or blue pen to write your answers; the pen should not smudge and the ink should be waterproof
  5. Eat before the exam as you cannot think or write on an empty stomach
  6. Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated
  7. Reach the examination centre on time, i.e. 15 minutes before the exam
  8. Read the question paper completely and carefully
  9. Realise the importance of a question based on its weightage of marks
  10. Divide the time in such a way that you get 10 minutes to revise
  11. Draw a margin on the right side of the answer sheet for rough work
  12. Write the given values from the question paper carefully while solving numericals
  13. Answer the easy questions first
  14. Answer all the questions of a section in one go
  15. Write long answer questions on separate pages
  16. Use bullet points for answers
  17. Cite examples wherever required for a complete answer
  18. Highlight and underline the main keywords and points of answers
  19. Draw diagrams with an HB pencil
  20. Draw a line preferably with a pencil after each answer
  21. Maintain a correct sequence of answers, i.e. answer questions in sequence
  22. Tie the sheets properly and tightly with two knots


We hope these tips help you beat exam stress!


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