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2 Days to Prepare for JEE Main January 2020


2 Days to Prepare for JEE Main January 2020

JEE Main 2020 is almost here! While the countdown to the JEE Main 2020 exam begins, these last few days before the exam are crucial as you have to remain calm and focus on your goal.

By Topperlearning 03rd Jan, 2020 07:17 pm

This phase of extreme pressure should be dealt with a lot of patience, and in no circumstances should you surrender yourself to panic and fear. A fearless mind will not only help you achieve your goal but also help you sail through such intense moments. We know that in the last few days, you have attempted numerous mock tests, memorised the key points, solved previous years’ question papers, watched several JEE online videos and done sufficient self-assessment. After all the effort, we now urge you to relax and appreciate yourself for all the hard work and labour you have put into this journey.

You are now down to the last 2 days before the exam, and we’re sure that you are well versed with the JEE Main syllabus 2020 and are ready to sit for the exam. However, to help you ease through the last two days before the exam, we have listed a few tips to help you for the big day! 



Two more days to the much-awaited JEE Main 2020 exam. What now?

  • Take a look at the remaining portion of JEE syllabus 2020 which you haven’t touched yet. Do not devote too much time on covering the entire syllabus. You cannot run 1000 miles in a single day unless you are superhuman. So, skim through your notes and mark the important topics which you wish to revise again before your exams.
  • Questions in mock tests are based on the entire JEE syllabus. Practise with mock tests online. In this way, you can be mentally prepared to tackle questions from anywhere in the syllabus.
  • You need to be in your best health during your exams. Don’t compromise on sleep. Follow a healthy diet and avoid junk food.


Penultimate Day

Whether you plan to sit for JEE Main January 2020, JEE Main April 2020 or for both January and April attempts, exam jitters are normal. You should be calm and composed a day before your exam.

  • Stay confident. You will win half the battle with your confidence.
  • Don't bite off more than you can chew! Don’t take any extra study burden. Even if you may come across important books or learning materials 24 hours before your exam, don’t start studying from them and trouble yourself on this day. Just make sure that you are thorough with your concepts which you studied as per the JEE Main syllabus. Too many books are likely to disturb your focus in the last few hours. You don’t have time to start and finish a new book at this point. Should you decide to study from a new book, you are likely to feel uncomfortable if you are unable to finish it. Also, you may risk confusing yourself at the last moment if you refer to a new book with a different approach to learning concepts.
  • Have a quick look at your formula list, mind maps and key points.
  • Eat a healthy dinner. Don’t try any new food or eat junk foods that can make you feel sick.
  • Collect all the things required to enter the examination hall, including your Permission Letter and JEE Main Admit Card 2020.


Exam Day

The day has finally arrived for you to benefit from your JEE Main preparations. On this day, you should feel ready to appear for one of the most important exams of your life.

  • Stay positive

Do not allow negativity to seep in and disturb your focus. Ignore any negative conversations and maintain a positive vibe around you with a ‘can do’ attitude.

  • Be comfortable

Wear comfortable clothes on your JEE Main exam day.

  • Be attentive

During the examination, read the instructions carefully. Listen to instructions and ask for help if needed. Do not panic if there is a technical glitch. In case of a system failure, your exam will begin from the point you left off.

  • Keep your cool

When the exam begins, be calm and think about the possible answers for questions in the exam paper. In case you come across questions that you haven’t attempted before, don’t panic. Instead, think logically about the concept that can be applied to come up with a correct answer. Also, attempt all the questions that you can correctly answer, and then return to the difficult questions where you may need more time to think.

  • Be quick, but accurate

Be careful of negative marking. Accurate answers will get you marks, but inaccurate answers for certain questions will lead to loss of marks. So, don’t answer questions in haste. Manage your time to review your answers before submission.

  • Press the ‘Submit’ button

Don’t forget to submit your solved JEE Main answers. You need to submit your answers for the answers to be considered for evaluation.


To conclude, there are lakhs of students attempting JEE Main January 2020. It may be difficult for you to not feel the exam pressure. However, you can definitely manage the JEE Main exam stress with the important tips covered in this article. Go through our study resources such as IIT JEE webinars, JEE online videos and more to prepare yourself and answer the JEE Main January 2020 exam successfully.

For JEE Main 2020 study resources, you can visit TopperLearning or call 1800-212-7858.

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