Your younger brother/sister wastes lot of time and neglects her studies. Write a letter to him/her advising her to manage her time well.

Asked by Ŝũmiť Ğőyãĺ | 4th Jul, 2014, 05:24: PM

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Dear Vineet,

Thank you for tagging me on your Facebook posts about interesting facts. Although I went through the links last week itself, I couldn’t comment because I was busy with my weekly routine.

I noticed that you updated your status around 1 am last Thursday. You have to wake up early for school, don’t you? How do you manage to wake up at 6 am after sleeping so late? I hope you are not depriving yourself of adequate sleep as this will affect your health gravely. Vineet, last week when I spoke to mother she was worried about your academic performance and told me that you scored less in this exam as compared to the last semester. She feels you are spending too much time online and are not able to concentrate on studies. I told her that though the Internet is very addictive you often like sharing informative articles and news items with others. However, it would be nice if you could limit the number hours that you want to spend on activities other than studying. For example, I spend a great deal of time on social networking sites and meeting my friends during weekends, since I am busy with assignments and class work on weekdays. Moreover, when I check Facebook or meet my friends once a week, there is a lot more to share and listen to.

I am sure you understand how important discipline and time management is during our life as students. In fact, daddy could achieve so much in his life only because he follows his routine strictly. Do you remember we used to tell him that one day we want to become like him? Then I am sure you will start managing your time better and not let your studies get affected by anything.

Lastly, please continue to share interesting facts with me over Facebook, but don’t let social networking affect your school or studies.

Do call me up this weekend. Take care of yourself!

Yours affectionately,


Answered by Snehal Naik | 4th Jul, 2014, 06:36: PM

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