You said the one with C-H bonds are said to be organic compounds but in urea which is NH2CONH2 there is no C-H bond but it is considered as an organic comp. Next you said organic comp. doesn't form salts while inorg. comp. can form but now a days many salts of organic compounds are known. Thirdly you told that org. com. are formed in living beings but seeing a comp how can we predict that the given comp. is formed in living beings? Please tell me the correct method to identify an organic compound.

Asked by yamini gurjar | 9th Sep, 2010, 03:27: PM

Expert Answer:

 organic compound contain only C-H bond but some of them also contain the other atom like nitrogen,oxygen,phosphorus, halogens [ derivatives of hydrocarbon ].
hence Organic compounds are the hydrocarbon and their derivatives and the branch of chemistry that deals with the study of these compounds is known as organic chemistry.
organic compounds form salts but they generally have covalent bonds where as inorganic compounds have ionic bonds.
organic compounds are not ionic they are mostly poor conductor of electricity whereas inorganic compounds are good conductours of electricity. 

Answered by  | 10th Sep, 2010, 01:46: AM

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