you noticed some students troubling elderly citizens in the bus discuss with your partner:
1 what should be done to stop them from disturbing other passangers
2 what can be done to make people more sensitive towards senior citizens
frame dialogue for yourself and for your partner

Asked by mkvinvestments6 | 5th Aug, 2015, 03:14: PM

Expert Answer:

We have provided you with an outline of the conversation. Expand the points and add your own ideas to it.
You: Witnessed an incident- students troubled two elderly citizens in the bus for seat- appalled at what I saw
Friend: Did any one help?
You: The two expected someone to step in -- not helped by anyone -- everyone engrossed -- didn't want to meddle
Friend: What did you do?
You: I stood up for the elderly -- got abused in return -- complained to the conductor -- he ignored
Friend : Lack of morality and sensitivity the cause for abuse of elderly -- sensitising young students in school to the problems of elderly may help
You: Schools take students to old age homes -- acquaint them with old people -- children spend time with elderly
Friend: It may serve dual purpose -- sensitise the young and give respite to the old
You: Governement ignores the elderly -- a good governement frame policies to safe guard them -- ensure their physical, emotional and financial safety
Friend: NGOs deploy volunteers to help elderly 

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 5th Aug, 2015, 08:14: PM

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