1. x+y=a-b, ax-by=a²+b²

  2. x/a+y/b=2, ax-by=a²+b²

  3. 47x+31y=63, 31x+47y=15

  4. 4/x+3y=14, 3/x-4y=23

  5. 4/x+5y=7,3/x+4y=5

  6. 2/x+3y=13, 5/x-4/y=-2; x and y are not equal to 0

  7. 3a/x-2b/y+1=0,3a/x-b/y-4=0

  8. 4x+y/3=8/3, x/2+3y/4=-5/2

  9. ax/b-by/a=a+b, ax-by=2ab

  10. (x+1)/2+(y-1)/3=8, (x-1)/3+(y+1)/2=9

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