Write is the lewis dot structure of HNO3 and NH4

using the proper steps.(find A ,N and S)

Asked by maneeshasarmapdm | 11th Oct, 2018, 04:54: PM

Expert Answer:

Lewis Dot Structure

Lewis dot structures can be written by adopting the following steps:

  • Sum of valence electrons from all atoms
  • It does not matter which atom they come from
  • Add 1 e for each (−) charge
  • Subtract 1 e for each (+) charge
    • Spot the central and terminal atoms and write the skeletal structure.
    • Draw a bond between each pair of atoms as appropriate.
    • Each bond uses up 2 of the available e.
      • Assign remaining e to terminal elements first until the duet rule has been met for H and the octet rule has been met for all others.
      • If there is leftover e, then place them first on the central atoms to complete their octets. If there are additional e still left, then place them on central atoms which have empty d orbitals.
      • If all e are used up and the central atoms do not have completed octets, move one or more lone pairs to form a multiple bond.



      Lewis Dot Structure of Some Molecules/Ions:


      Lewis Representation







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