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El Nino is a climate pattern. It occurs when water in the Pacific Ocean near the Equator get hotter than usual. Thus it leads to an increase in sea surface temperature and the weakening of trade winds in the region.

Weather to a large extent depends upon ocean temperatures. Warm ocean results in making more clouds and hence more rainfall in the near by areas.

El Nino climatic conditions take place every few years and they are unpredictable. El Nino is a Spanish word which means ‘the child’ and refers to baby Christ as this climatic pattern caused largely by the Peruvian current starts flowing during Christmas. In El Nino conditions, the trade winds weaken or even blow in an opposite direction. Warm water starts collecting near the west coast of South America and cold water remains deep in an ocean. This results in formation of more clouds over warmer surface. In El Nino climatic pattern while it may rain more in one area, it may cause droughts in the other regions.

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