write all about cancer nature symptoms .. prevention?

Asked by izhanjaveed | 30th Jun, 2008, 09:34: PM

Expert Answer:

Cancer is a malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division.  Some of the features of cancerous cells are: metastasis, loss of contact inhibition, invasion and uncontrolled growth.

Symptoms of cancer are many. It varies in different types of cancers. Generally some of the following symptoms are seen in people suffering from cancer - Unusual lumps, hemorrhage, enlarged lymph nodes, enlarged liver, coughing up of blood, pain and fracture of bones, weight loss, fatigue, poor apetite, anemia etc.

Detection of cancer can be done through blood tests, Ct scans and X-rays.

You cannot prevent cancer completely, but steps can be taken to reduce its incidence. These include avoiding contact with carcinogens wherever possible, improving the quality of diet, controlling the diet intake, being physically active, avoiding alcohol consumption, reducing smoking, supplementing with vitamins, use of certain medicines, vaccination etc.

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