Write a story in 200-250 words with a title using the following hints
Rohit-addicted to mobile phones-gaming and chating -oblious of the realworld -performs poorly in classtest-realization-strives to improve

Asked by ABHILASHA | 8th Jul, 2017, 10:53: PM

Expert Answer:

This question is a part of creative writing. You can work on the following points:
Summer vacations-Rohit demands for a mobile phone-father not ready to buy him one-advices him to invest his time in reading and other activities instead of mobile-advice falls on deaf ears-father gives in and buys a mobile for him-Rohit spends his entire day by playing games and chatting with friends-summer vacation ends-father requests him to give up the phone and to concentrate on his studies-mobile phone which took away his entire vacation, now claimed his study time too-when questioned by parents, he threw tantrums and told them that he would stat studying during the exams-all his parents pleas fell on deaf ears-Rohit didn't heed to any of their advice-even on the a night before exams, he was on mobile games-as a result, he scored poorly in the exams-the teachers too were dissapointed with him-being a bright student, this was least expected of him-when this was brought to Rohit's notice, he became aware that his addiction to games and chatting and not listening to his parents advice has this mishap.
Rohit, finally gets ridden of the phone and strives harder to make up for his lost time. He is aware that the past can't be altered but the future decisions that he makes, will make him a better person.

Answered by Athira | 10th Jul, 2017, 09:48: AM