Write a story based topic on "Friction as a necessary evil".

Asked by skkashyap | 4th Oct, 2017, 10:36: PM

Expert Answer:

In this platform we deal with conceptual explainations and therefore instead of a story on "Friction as a necessary evil"
we provide you with below conceptual solutions.
- Friction is a necessary evil.
- There are instances in daily life where friction is a necessity.
- Without friction, we cannot hold objects in our hands, we cannot walk and we cannot light a matchstick,
we would not be able to apply brakes in the moving vehicles etc
- Friction has both advantages and disadvantages.
- And therefore, eventhough friction obstructs the intended motion, it is infact very important in daily life.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 5th Oct, 2017, 06:58: PM