Write a short note on various methods used in abatement of nuclear pollution

Asked by Abk123736 | 30th Dec, 2015, 07:19: PM

Expert Answer:

Following are the steps which should be taken for controlling nuclear pollution:

  • Regular checks should be made in atomic or the nuclear reactors to ensure the safety conditions.
  • Nuclear devices should be tested deep underground.
  • Production of radio isotopes should be minimized.
  •  In nuclear mines, wet drilling should be used along with underground drainage.
  • Nuclear wastes should be handled with care and should be stored in shielded and corrosion proof containers and then stored deep underground so that they may not escape and their proper decay takes place.
  • Radiation levels should always be kept within the permissible limits.
  • Radiation resistant walls should be built around the areas which are located near to the nuclear reactors.
  • Ground disposal of radiation wastes should be disposed off under approved rock, soil etc.
  • Regular inspecting nuclear reactors and laboratories to check and avoid the leakage of radioactive substances.
  • Radioactive materials should be safely disposed. They should be first treated and changed into harmless forms before disposing.
  • All standard measures should be followed at the nuclear reactors in order to avoid any kind of nuclear pollution.
  • Nuclear devises should be exploded only underground.


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