Write a newspaper report about a accident that took place on the main road in your town.

Asked by Satakshi Srivastava | 15th May, 2014, 06:48: PM

Expert Answer:

2 injured in vehicle collision at Ram Maruti Road.

Anusha Banerjee

Thane, 10th June 2014

Two men were injured on Ram Maruti Road yesterday when a motorist failed to see an oncoming car. Rakesh Sharma (34) didn’t notice the Maruti Zen car driven by Sumant Dasgupta (27) because he was distracted by a noisy wedding procession on the road. Both the men are residents of Vrindavan society and were immediately taken to Dr. Salvi’s Hospital at Ram Maruti Road, Thane. Eyewitnesses say that even though Dasgupta tried to avert the situation by applying breaks, it didn’t help. Though he has escaped with minor abrasions, Sharma had to bear the full brunt of the impact. He has a broken nose and an injured shin bone. Both the men are recuperating at the hospital.

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 10th Jun, 2014, 02:36: PM