Write a long note about the topic 'Fresh Water Pollution'

Asked by patratitas | 28th Sep, 2014, 09:29: PM

Expert Answer:

Water is an important resources for the people as well as for the environment. It is the basis of life.

Though 70% of the Earth is covered by water, only less than 1% can be utilised.

Pollution of water affects drinking water from rivers, lakes, springs, etc.

Fresh water pollution is the contamination of natural water bodies such as rivers, lakes, springs, stream, ground water, etc.

It is often caused by the human activities.


  • Untreated sewage from domesticate activities, industrial activities, commercial buildings contain substances which pollute water.
  • Solid wastes such as papers, plastic materials, metal cans also pollute water bodies.
  • Burning of fossil fuels, exhaust from vehicles and industries emit oxides of sulphur and nitrogen which when dissolved in water form acid rain. When such water mixes with the water bodies, it causes pollution.


  • Ground water pollution may cause fertility and reproductive disorders.
  • Consumption of contaminated water may cause different water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, etc.
  • Chemicals present in polluted water may cause obstructions in the development of the foetus.

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 29th Sep, 2014, 08:50: AM

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