Write a brief note on how was the demand for human labour and mechanical power ? How it differed from one region to another ? How it differ from each seasons ?

Asked by pdcavita | 27th Oct, 2017, 10:35: AM

Expert Answer:

During industrialisation in Britain there was the demand for human labour because of the following reasons:
  • Britain had no shortage of labour. Adequate availability of labour means that the wages were low. Industrialists also preferred human labour in the beginning as it was cheap compared to the machines which were costly.
  • Some forms of work in industries were seasonal, and industrialists preferred human labourers.
  • Certain work required only manual labour. For example, cloth with intricate designs could be produced only by hand and not by machine. There was a high demand for such cloth.
  • The upper and aristocratic class in Britain also preferred expensive handmade goods
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