workers in unorganised sectors need protection in wages safety and health explain with examples

Asked by dvms2003 | 5th Jun, 2020, 09:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Workers in the unorganised sector generally earn lower wages, have no paid leaves, no pension, no medical claim or any other benefits that are given to employees in the organised sector. However for their survival they are forced to take up such jobs. 

Workers in the unorganised sector need protection on the following:

(i) Wages : For example,  wages are low and not regular and there is absence of provision for overtime, paid leave, etc. 

(ii) Safety : For example, workers working in a construction building always face the element of risk of getting injured. Safety measures must be taken.

(iii) Health : For example, long working hours and unhygienic working conditions can affect the health of the workers adversely. 

Answered by Christina | 6th Jun, 2020, 01:23: PM