With reference to geography answer the following.
 Give Reasons
1.The axis of the earth helps in locating places on the earths surface.
2.The geographical location can be defined with the help of parallels and meridians.
3.The axis of the earth helps in marking important parallels on its surface.
4.In summers the days are longer.
5.Our knowledge about the interior of the earth is based on indirect observations.
6.The study of landforms is important in geography.
7.Sedimentary rocks have horizontally arranged layers.

Asked by vatsalyaagnihotri | 19th Aug, 2015, 10:09: PM

Expert Answer:

The Earth spins on its axis from west to east in 24 hours. The axis is an imaginary line passing through the center of the Earth. The two end points through which the axis pass is known as the North Pole and the South Pole. These are the two points from where the latitudes and the longitudes pass. Latitudes and longitudes forms the geographical grid which help us to locate places on the surface of the Earth.

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Answered by Social Science Expert | 20th Aug, 2015, 08:13: AM

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