why we dont take porifera in the group of protista as it shows the property of plant as it is non-motile

Asked by shub3893 | 3rd Nov, 2015, 04:55: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Kingdom Protista includes mostly unicellular organisms. They can be heterotrophic or autotrophic. They are all eukaryotic and live mostly in water. Basically, a protist is any organism that is not a plant, an animal or a fungus. Therefore, most importantly although protists are non-motile they do not belong to Kingdom Plantae. They belong to a separate Kingdom called Protista.
  • Phylum Porifera is a separate phylum of Kingdom Animalia which includes all acoelomates. Organisms that belong to Phylum Porifera do not have a definite symmetry. Although, body is multicellular, there are very few tissues, but no organs. They lack a true body cavity. All are sessile. They reproduce either sexually or asexually or sexually reproduction and lack a nervous system.
  • Therefore, from the above variation in the characteristics of both the groups, we can say that Poriferans do not belong to Kingdom Protista, but form a separate phylum of Kingdom Animalia called Phylum Porifera.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 3rd Nov, 2015, 05:50: PM