Why Thorium(At.Mass=90) which doesn't have any electron in its outermost f-orbital and even though it is placed in the f-block?

Asked by  | 29th Jun, 2013, 09:37: PM

Expert Answer:

The expected electronic configuration of Th is [Rn]5f1 6d1 7s2  

however, the observed electronic configuration of Th is [Rn]5f06d27s2

So, Th has no electron in 5f orbital and 2 electrons in the 6d orbital because empty,half filled,and completely filled f orbital is more stable than any other configuration  . Thus, Th acquires this configuration to increase its stability, however it is a member of Actinide serise. 


Answered by  | 1st Jul, 2013, 11:14: AM

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