why the given structure is called the 2-methyl pentane? explain

Asked by Hari Rajagopal Anayath | 13th Dec, 2013, 05:59: PM

Expert Answer:

  • The longest chain of carbon atoms is five and it is in a straight chain.
  • The parent alkane is pentane so the above chain is named as pentane.
  • An alkyl group(CH3-) is present, so let us number the chain in such a way that the methyl group gets the lowest possible number.
  • Here we number the chain from left to right, so the methyl group falls on carbon number 2.
  • So if we join 2- methyl and pentane , the IUPAC name of the above hydrocarbon is 2- methylpentane.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 13th Dec, 2013, 07:16: PM

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