why the battery gives current according to resistor?

Asked by yogita choudhary | 29th May, 2012, 10:42: AM

Expert Answer:

If you add more batteries in series, the voltage would increase. This would drastically change the circuit. Normally this should also produce more current.

The effect of adding more batteries in parallel is insignificant for many circuits. Adding more batteries in parallel is like lowering a battery's internal resistance - which, for many circuits, can be neglected.

Example: The battery's internal resistance can be neglected; the battery gives a voltage of 12 volt, you connect it to a resistance of 2 ohm. According to Ohm's law, that will give you a current of 6 ampere. Note that the battery capacity does not enter the calculation! Adding a second battery (of the same kind) will produce the same voltage, thus, the same current.

Answered by  | 29th May, 2012, 11:26: AM

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