why the barmuda trangyle have so much of greavity then other place ?

Asked by sunderpreet | 17th May, 2010, 05:44: PM

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The allegedly mysterious area in the Atlantic Ocean, popularly referred to as the Bermuda triangle, has fascinated mankind since a long time. The mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships in this region left even the smartest of the individuals dumbfounded. Some attributed it to gravity and methane, while others came up with extra terrestrials and a passage to the other world. the fact that this area lies in the tropical region. It is subjected to three way water currents in form of the jet streams, the easterlies and the gulf stream. This combination has the tendency of causing frequent storms in this area, sometimes powerful enough to damage a ship and cause it to sink. Concluding that gravity causes the aircraft or ships to drown in the water is not really convincing when several ships and airplanes cross this area on a day to day basis. In case of methane gas theory, it is indeed a fact that this region has large deposits of methane, but then there are areas with even larger deposits.

More importantly, the methane gas bubbles surfacing from the ocean floor may be large, but they are not as large as to make a huge vessel vanish without any trace. In case of the theory of extraterrestrial activities and passage to the other world, it is just one of those assumptions based on our fancy towards the depiction of extraterrestrial

After going through these  facts and myths, it becomes pretty evident that the alleged Bermuda triangle mystery was basically a deceit created to get some free publicity.

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