Asked by swapnesh naik | 18th Jan, 2014, 04:54: PM

Expert Answer:

As we know elastic means the substance than can regain its shape after the application of deforming forces on it.

The elasticity of a material is measured in terms of modulus of elasticity or Young’s modulus.

Y = stress/strain

In case of a steel wire, a large force will produce a small extension i.e. it is very hard to deform but will also regain its shape back very quickly.

 But in case of a rubber band, a small force will produce a large extension i.e. it is very easy to stretch but can be broken without much effort.

 So, steel has a higher value of Young’s modulus than rubber.

 Thus, steel is more elastic than rubber.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 18th Jan, 2014, 06:06: PM

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