Why should we conserve forests and wildlife 


Asked by Ronakbajwa313 | 18th Oct, 2018, 10:47: AM

Expert Answer:

It is very important to conserve the vast biodiversity that exists on this planet because it not only provides services to humans in but also because it helps us in many ways like pollination, nutrient cycling, regulation of the atmosphere and climate.

  • Forests maintain the ecological stability of a particular area.
  • They provide habitat for wildlife and are an important constituent of the various food chains and food webs.
  • They are needed for the smooth functioning of biogeochemical cycles.
  • They help in the formation of humus and maintaining soil fertility.
  • They purify air and protect the earth from the greenhouse effect.
  • The sports equipment industry paper industry, lac manufacturing industry, the timber industry and furniture industry depend on forests.
  • Many fruits, medicines, dyes, sandalwood and bamboo is obtained from forests by the local people.
  • Forests provide employment to a large number of people and also help in generating revenue.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 18th Oct, 2018, 11:52: AM