Why should we accept the Constituion made by the members not directly elected by people & more than 50 years ago?

Asked by vatsalchoudhary41 | 11th Sep, 2014, 06:38: AM

Expert Answer:

Indian Constitution is considered to be one of the lengthiest constitutions of the world. It was framed by the Constituent Assembly which consisted of eminent personalities like Dr. Rajendra Prasad, H.C. Mookherjee, Durgabai Deshmukh, Sarojini Naidu, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, Jawahar Lal Nehru, K.M. Munshi etc. They not only participated in the independence movement but also excelled in their own distinct fields. They believed in the principles of justice, social equality and liberty.

We have readily accepted the constitution that was framed about fifty years ago because the members of the Constituent Assembly represented the people of India though they were not directly elected by people. It is because there was no universal adult franchise in India at that time. Not all the people had the right to vote. Members of the Constituent Assembly were elected by the members of the Provincial Legislatures and the former consisted of members who represented various communities, social stratas, linguistic groups and geographical locations.

The Constituent Assembly worked in a systematic, open and consensual manner. Many basic principles were included in the Constitution after several rounds of discussions clause by clause. The Constitution was written in three years time as every document that was to become the part of the Constitution was presented and discussed. Our constitution was also written after studying various constitutions of the world and therefore it assimilated the positive and democratic spirit of each constitution. The Indian Constitution provides equality, liberty, justice, fundamental rights and many other important principles to the citizens of the country.

It is because of the above reasons that we readily accept the constitution that was written some fifty years ago.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 11th Sep, 2014, 08:17: AM

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