Why only 3 isomers of bromopentane are possible?

Asked by  | 28th Mar, 2013, 11:35: AM

Expert Answer:

There are numerous possible constitutional isomers of bromopentane.  Specifically, the bromine atom can be attached to any of the carbon atoms (although there are only three unique possibilities because the 2 end carbons are identical).  So you could have: 

Then you can also have different connectivity between the carbon atoms.  So pentane can either be normal pentane (5 carbons in a row), or it can be a branched structure.  There is only one unique branched structure for pentane, which is called 2-methylbutane.  So, starting with this branched version of pentane, you could have: 

Answered by  | 31st Mar, 2013, 06:38: AM

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