Why money is not a physical quantity?


Asked by narayanpauliit20 | 26th Apr, 2021, 11:11: PM

Expert Answer:

There are seven fundamental units and they asr
(1) Length , (2) mass , (3) time , (4) current , (5) Temperature , (6) Luminous intensuty , (7) mole of the substance .
Any thing described in terms of one of the above units or combination of above units are called physical quantity.
Fundamenetal physical quantities are described only by any one of fundamental units .
If more than one fundamental units are used to describe a quantity , then these quantities are described in terms of derived units.
For example speed is ( distance / time ) , density is ( mass / volume )
Hence any physical thing expressed in terms of fundamental units or derived units is called physical quantity.
Money is not described by either fundamenetal units or derived units. Dimensions of currency notes , i.e., length and width are physical quantities.
Mass of coin is a physucal quantity.
We have other examples like Apple , house , books etc ,
Just an apple is not physical quantity , but volume and mass of apple are physical quantities
Just a house is not physical quantity , but length, breadth , height and volume are physical quantities.
Just a book is not physical quantity , but length,breadth, height, volume and mass of book are physical quantity.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 26th Apr, 2021, 11:51: PM

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