Why Mn in +4 State is very stable.

Asked by aaa | 28th Nov, 2014, 11:42: PM

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The EC of Mn+4 is : [Ar] 3d3 4s0
Half filled and fully filled orbitals are more stable. While splitting of 3d orbital, basically they are divided into two sets T2g (contains 3 orbitals ) and Eg (contains 2 orbitals). So in Mn+4 octahedral splitting (in which T2g is in lower energy state) takes place. So first we start filling T2g, and T2g contains 3 orbital so one electron is held in each orbital. So we get a half filled T2g because the half filled nature this oxidation state is stable.


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Answered by Arvind Diwale | 1st Dec, 2014, 12:32: PM