why is your cells in our body are so small and why don`t they be big.

Asked by Prem | 27th Apr, 2016, 01:19: PM

Expert Answer:

Findings of different scientists help us explain why cells in the body are small in size. Some of these are detailed below:

  • Cells are so small so that the surface area and volume of the cells are proportional to each other. This enhances the efficiency of absorption and waste expulsion processes in the cell
  • Cells are small because they need to be able to diffuse through materials easily. Also, smaller size of the cells allows the passage of materials inside and outside of the cell easily.
  • Cells are small in size to allow easy division and growth of the cells.
  • Cells are so small because it is simply easier to replace them without disrupting the functioning of other cells within the normal environment.
  • Cells are always being destroyed and need replacement. For example, skin cells are constantly being shed from our bodies and need to be replaced if damaged. Smaller cells reproduce quickly to replace the missing cells.
  • Being small allows cells to adapt easier to environmental changes, have larger populations, and complete their functions more efficiently.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 27th Apr, 2016, 02:58: PM