Why is water necesary for plants ?

Asked by Prajesh Dey | 29th Apr, 2013, 09:06: PM

Expert Answer:

(i) Water is used to transport the metabolic products from one part to the other where they are needed. So it acts as a vehicle for the transportation.
(ii) water is an electron source of photosynthesis.In this process six water molecules combine with six carbon molecules to form, oxygen and glucose.
(iii) Water is evaporated through the stomata present on the leaves. It cools the plant in the hot sunny days.
(iv) Water is necessary to maintain turgidity i.e. the pressure of water in the cells of plants which is important for the survival of plant else it will wilt. It is also required for the growth as it expands the plant cells.
(v) Water regulates the opening and closing of stomata, which in turn regulates transpiration and photosynthesis.

Answered by  | 30th Apr, 2013, 10:17: AM

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