why is the resistance of a given wire inversely proportional to its cross-sectional area

Asked by kshhitij | 20th Jun, 2013, 07:53: PM

Expert Answer:

cross-sectional area of the wires affects the amount of resistance.
for example Water can flow through a wider pipe at a higher rate than it will flow through a narrow pipe. This can be attributed to the lower amount of resistance that is present in the wider pipe.
In the same manner, the wider the wire, the less resistance that there will be to the flow of electric charge as there would be less collisions between electric charge in wider pipe.
so, when all other variables are the same, charge will flow at higher rates through wider wires with greater cross-sectional areas than through thinner wires thats why resistance of a given wire is inversely proportional to its cross section.

Answered by  | 21st Jun, 2013, 06:07: PM

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