Why is the direction of dipole moment taken from negative to postive?

I have read somewhere that electric field inbetween the dipole is negligible. Can you tell me why?

Please answer as soon as possible.... its really urgent.

Asked by Nishtha Gupta | 17th Apr, 2014, 10:39: AM

Expert Answer:

The torque on a dipole is given by,

The torque obtained is positive when the direction of the dipole is taken from negative charge to positive charge.

Another reason is, in analogy with magnetic dipole where field outside the magnet is from North to South while field within the magnet is from South to North, the direction of electric dipole within the dipole is taken from negative charge to positive charge (this is just an analogy that is followed, in practical direction of electric lines of force is always from positive to negative charge).

Answered by  | 19th Apr, 2014, 04:24: PM

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