why is the blood to the digestive system and skin reduced when heart beats faster?

Asked by  | 12th Sep, 2012, 03:58: PM

Expert Answer:

Emergency situations (that cause high emotional or physical stress) cause increased production of a hormone adrenalin, from adrenal gland. 


This hormone helps to deal with the emergency situation and bring about a "fight or flight” response. Adrenalin stimulates the heart rate and dilates the blood vessels. It also expands air passages. This allows the body to circulate more oxygen into the lungs as well as more blood throughout the body. Thus the heart rate is increased thereby increasing the breathing rate. This allows greater oxygen uptake for more respiration so that a lot of energy is available when needed. The pupils are dilated so as to improve vision. It also directs most of the blood supply to the skeletal muscles that help us run or fight and restricts blood flow to the gut and skin by constricting blood vessels to these areas (since functions like digestion can wait).

Answered by  | 13th Sep, 2012, 10:45: AM

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