Why is resource planning important for a country and how it is done in India ? Explain in details.

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Expert Answer:

Everything that is available in our environment and which can be technologically and economically exploited for satisfying human wants are known as resources. Resources are an indispensible part of human development. Resources are important fro a country because the economic development of any country depend upon its resources. For example, large deposits of oil in the Middle East countries has made these countries self reliant and self sufficient. Similarly, India has many natural resources. Its fertile soil and rivers have made the country agriculturally productive. Availability of mineral resources has led to rapid industrialisation of the country. However, the rapid growth of population and indiscriminate use of resources is leading to the depletion of resources not only in India but also in other countries. Over exploitation of natural resources is resulting in various ecological crises like global warming, depletion of ozone layer, pollution, droughts, floods etc. In order to avoid such situation and to ensure the sustainable, equitable and judicious use of natural resources, it is important to plan the systematic utilisation of our resources.

Resource planning in India involves the following processes:

  • To identify and make a list of existing resources across the country by surveying, mapping etc.
  • To frame a planning structure with the estimates of the level of technology, skill sets and institutions which are required for harnessing these resources.
  • To map the resource development plans with the national development plans.

India made sincere efforts for achieving the goals of resource planning since the inception of First Five Years Plan launched right after her independence.  



Answered by Social Science Expert | 30th Jun, 2015, 08:00: AM

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