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ICSE Class 9 Answered

why is it said that wavelength is inversely proportional to the temperature?can we transfer heat by induction?why/why not?explain it in detail?also explain the formation of electromagnetic wave?what are the factors in which speed of these waves depend on?what are the ways of generating these waves?
Asked by | 21 Jan, 2012, 04:27: PM
Expert Answer

Wien's displacement law

Wien's displacement law shows how the spectrum of black body radiation at any temperature is related to the spectrum at any other temperature. If we know the shape of the spectrum at one temperature, we can calculate the shape at any other temperature.

A consequence of Wien's displacement law is that the wavelength at which the intensity of the radiation produced by a black body is at a maximum, ?max , it is a function only of the temperature

where the constant, b, known as Wien's displacement constant, is equal to 2.8977721(26)×10?3 K m.

Heat can be transfered by three modes conduction , convection and radiation.

For the formation of EM wave go to the theory section it is a complete chapter and could not be discussed in doubts.

Answered by | 21 Jan, 2012, 05:31: PM
ICSE 9 - Physics
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