Why is it hard to lift a long board over its end?

Asked by Jaziya | 27th Nov, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student

If you have to lift a long board, common sense prompts you to pick up the long boardat its center because it balances more easily and is more easily handled.

Some of the physical ideas behind this common sense are that the weight effectively acts at the center of mass, and you don't have to exert extra torques to keep the board in equilibrium. If it is supported at the center, the weight of the board has a zero lever arm with respect to the point of support.

while if held at the end the lever arm becomes maximum possible,and one has to exert extra force to hold it.


We hope this clarifies your doubt.




Answered by  | 27th Nov, 2010, 03:59: PM

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