why is india not a permanent member of united nations ,after following all the rules listed in the united nations.

Asked by Anjali | 30th Nov, 2015, 11:37: PM

Expert Answer:

India is not a permanent member of United Nations because of variety of reasons. Some of them are listed below:
  • At the time of the formation of the United Nations, India was still on the path of freedom and was nowhere near powerful or influential enough to be elected as a permanent member of the UN. Also, the point of having permanent membership was that the nation was supposed to be strong (in a militaristic sense), economically vibrant, and capable of displaying international influence.
  • Once, the UNSC was formed, the 5 held enormous influence over the world. The Cold-war divided them into two blocs, which made decision-making impossible due to the Veto power. Thus, the need was not felt to accommodate more countries, as India, Brazil etc hadn't started booming yet.

There are reasons why India is still not a permanent member of UNSC. These are:

  • Addition of new member to the UN requires a certain level of development. However, India, out of the current permanent members and the countries there are suggested to be added to the Security Council, is, by far, the poorest. While India surpassed Russia and is closing in on Brazil in terms of overall GDP, its GDP per capita makes it easily the poorest permanent member.
  • Apart of economic development, India is also considered to have lowest Human Development Index score. This does not fulfil the UN need of having a member that is not highly developed in terms of standards of living, life expectancy, general health, education, etc that creates a certain level of stability and displays a certain standard.
  • Another factor i.e. having the capability to project a certain amount of power on a global level is missing from India. Even though China (out of the five permanent members) is least capable of projecting power on a global level but it projects power beyond the limits of India's military. Thus, this factor effects India’s attainment of permanent membership in UN.
  • Finally, there are various countries who oppose India being a permanent member of the UN. For example China and Pakistan. This is because of these nations being in constant conflict with India over a number of issues.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 1st Dec, 2015, 12:04: PM

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