Why is efferent arteriole narrower than afferent arteriole and how does it affect the pressure of blood flowing through glomerulus? Why does blood flows through glomerulus under great pressure?

Asked by 21janhvi.verma | 1st Jun, 2018, 04:53: PM

Expert Answer:

The efferent arteriole carries blood away from the glomerulus. Because it has a smaller diameter than the afferent arteriole, it creates some resistance to blood flow, producing the back-up of blood in the glomerulus which creates higher pressure in the glomerular cavity. Blood flows through great pressure in glomerulus because the afferent arteriole, which delivers blood to the glomerulus, has little vascular resistance because it is short and wide. So, the pressure decrease is smaller compared to other tissues. And the pressure in capillaries of glomeruli is so high because it is specialized for filtration.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 4th Jun, 2018, 09:42: AM