why has ali s journey to the post office being described as a pilgrimage?

Asked by Bhumika Manocha | 12th Aug, 2014, 09:37: PM

Expert Answer:

Coachman Ali realises the meaning of love and belongingness after his daughter Miriam leaves for her husband’s house after marriage. With nothing to live for, Ali’s pivot* of existence becomes his daughter’s letters which never arrive.

Pilgrims often bear inclement* weather conditions and risk their lives to visit places of worship. Their faith provides them the fortitude* to brave every obstacle that comes their way. All they want is for their prayers to be answered.  Much like these pilgrims, Ali braves cold winds in his tattered clothing and plods towards the post office every morning. His only wish is to find a letter from his daughter. His sincerity is akin* to that of a pilgrim; hence his journey is nothing short of a pilgrimage.

Pivot –The main point/ The center/ The main reason

Inclement- Unmerciful

Fortitude- Strength

Akin- Similar to

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 13th Aug, 2014, 11:35: AM

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