why don`t we consider signs of chages while substituting in the coloumb`s law?

Asked by my3shyll | 10th Apr, 2018, 08:35: PM

Expert Answer:

It is important to consider the signs of charges in Coulomb's law.
The negative and the positive sign describes whether the charge is negative or positive. For example: the charge of electron and proton is 1.6×10-19 C
Coulomb's law gives the force exerted by the two charges, say, q1 and q2 on each other which are at a distance 'r'.
Force is a vector quantity. So it depends upon magnitude as well as direction.
This direction of the force is decided by the negative and positive sign getting at the end of the result.
By not taking the sign into the consideration you will only get the magnitude and not the direction of force in your result.

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 11th Apr, 2018, 11:46: AM